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DIT AnalytX© specializes in business analysis and technical consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. The company is dedicated to the delivery of client-specific analysis solutions and training for the purpose of enhancing business functionality.

The BT-3 (Business Triad–3) analysis method implemented by DIT AnalytX© is used to illustrate three major facets of successful operation: design, integration, and technology. This interwoven design allows the business owner to:

  • Assess current operations
  • Integrate processes to enhance market opportunities
  • Generate a digital platform conducive to the technological needs of the organization.



DIT AnalytX© aids in creating an in-depth business plan to depict the details of your company’s goals and objectives. We provide data analysis to examine the scope of current operations. A business analysis is performed to determine existing and new methods to catapult your organization to the next level.


Strategic planning is an essential part of business and is necessary in establishing company goals. DIT AnalytX© helps define workflows conducive to the execution of corporate strategies. This includes designating skilled staff to fulfill roles beneficial to the fulfillment of  business processes.


DIT AnalytX©  helps to define technical specifications to reach optimal business performance. Our company reviews internal/external technical functions, makes feasible   recommendations for improvement, and coordinates training materials and sessions for implementing  business-specific technical solutions.




DIT AnalytX© is a woman-owned business analysis and technology organization spearheaded by Dr. Carol Nash. Based in Plano, Texas, Dr. Nash spent two years of research on critical business needs and founded the organization to assist small to medium-sized businesses. Through her leadership of DIT AnalytX©, tenacity, and compassion for others, Dr. Nash’s vision is to provide a platform where professional and personal restructuring is performed with dignity, distinction, and significance.  

As a mental health advocate, Dr. Nash is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Through her exposure to these organizations, she spearheads a community program entitled the STIETS Initiative© (Strategic Techniques in Erasing the Stigma), dedicated to the eradication of mental health stigmas. She is a speaker on the effects of mental illness in her program THE INVISIBLE INTRUDER: Mental Illness in All States©.



…“DIT AnalytX provided my company with top-notch services.  The technological advancements helped to centralize my data.  I can now access my info with ease”…

…“As a start-up, I got the business plan service and the design part.  I know how to analyze the flow of work and see how I can make my company grow.”…

…“The business plan service allowed me to see where my business is now, how it can grow in the future.  I needed to see the numbers to better understand my sales.”…


The Invisible Intruder

The Invisible Intruder© is a speaking series centered around the silent frustrations of mental disorders that can become prevalent in daily living. Dr. Nash engages in conversation about recovery methods that address cognitive hindrances.  This program provides hope and promise to people recovering from depression and anxiety.

STIETS Initiative

The STIETS Initiative© is a program designed to inform others about the varying aspects of mental health needs locally and throughout the United States. The content of this series is broken down into three parts:

 1. Police Shootings and Victims with Signs of Mental Illness

2. Mental Health Challenges in Minority Communities

3. Mental Health and the Workplace

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We provide strategies to streamline business processes and increase performance through technological advancement.

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